V3: Good, Bad, Ugly ...

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Re: V3: Good, Bad, Ugly ...

Veijo Vilva wrote:

Fstop85 wrote:

I couldn't agree more. A 10-30mm f2 would be very attractive. If Sony can do it for the RX100 and the RX10, why can't Nikon do it for the 1 series?

RX100 is f1.8 only at 10.4 mm. At 13 mm (35 mm eq) it is already f2.8, at 18.5 mm (50 mm eq) it is f3.2, at 26 mm (70 mm eq) it is f4.0 and at 37.1 mm (100 mm eq) f4.9

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Compared to the 10-30mm lens, that's a substantial 2-stop advantage at the wide end, and a healthy 1-stop advantage at 13mm and 18.5mm. What's not to like?

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