Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

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fuji P wrote:

Sorry - but this really "Gets my Goat".

People keep posting about focusing speed - this camera is faster than that camera - with this lens - with that lens - with this turned on - with that turned off!!!!!

When you take a picture, you think about the finished scene / subject and how you want the photo to look, you compose the scene, check your settings, check 100 other things then - focus. The focusing is the least time consuming part of the process and in my view, unless you are shooting sport, moving wildlife, fast moving subjects etc. the time it takes is not critical.

If anyone can provide an image where a shot was ruined due to focusing speed being a nano second slower than expected or can tell a story where they missed a once in a lifetime shot because of "slow" focusing - I would like to hear it.

Awaiting the flood.

And this lands in the #1 spot for the dumbest posting Ive seen in the X forums.

People have different needs. I have missed countless shots shooting my dog. Do I stop the lens down to F8 and try to zone focus? NO  I want my shots to look a specific way. When i get the shot, I am rewarded. Will I be replacing my XE-1 for the XT-1 mainly just for faster focusing? YES.

For me, it takes the camera longer to focus, then it does for me to compose the scene. I already know what i want the shot to look like, and the settings dont need to be checked because I set them.

I do still happen to have all of my missed shots if you would like me to flood this post with a couple 1000 missed shots to shut you up. You cannot tell me i was doing anything wrong in the shots...i had my settings set how I wanted them. Like i said, i could have a better hit rate with the lens stopped down. But that isnt how i want the shot. I do prefocus some shots...its not fool proof, because you are looking through an EVF.

If the focus wasnt slowish with the XE-1...they wouldnt have put PDAF on the XE-2...They would have left everything the same. They wouldnt have put out 2(atleast) different FW updates to speed the focus up on these cameras.

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