Sony E-lenses or FE-lenses on Sony a6000

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Re: Probably should stick with APS-C emount

MrT-Man wrote:

wb2trf wrote:

Not to any significant benefit do they delete that feature however. When looking at DXOMark's comparison of the E50 vs. FE55 on the Nex 7 there's no big IQ edge of the FE55. Sometimes IS is useful for stills, and it always for video.

That might explain a fact is not present: if the FE55 on the Nex7 was much better than the E50, which it is not, then it would be useful to see that Canon L agrees with Zeiss. But, since it is not materially better, why is it relevant what Canon does? This isn't a church where we pay homage to certain demigods like "L lenses". We're just trying to offer current best rationality.

Yes but you a) you will add bulk and lose features, as I have said, b) and you will have fewer lenses, or lower quality ones, because of the much higher cost of FE lenses that deliver no benefits now. For the price of the FE55 (no better than the E50 on APS-C) you can get the E50 and the E35 and the Sigma 19 or whatever. How does one argue that the FE55 delivers advantages that offset such lineups at the same aggregate price on the A6000?

wb2trf, you're making assumptions based on DXO Mark scores and not based on practical experience. I have both the E50 and FE 55, and I personally find the FE 55 to be "materially better". Whether it's $700 better is a separate discussion with no right or wrong answer, and that's not something I'm interested in arguing. But it's better. DXO Mark tends to emphasize sharpness above all else, and I'd say the color/contrast is where the 55 is better.

Lets translate this into neutral language: What you call my "assumptions" are conclusions based on objective testing on a standard model rather than on your personal reports of non-standardized comparisons. Is it possible that your personal report is correct and the objective testing wrong? Yes, of course, but generally such reports are less reliable, whether the topic is lenses or cures for the common cold. Certainly we see the deficiencies of such personal reports here all the time. Personal lens reports are all over the map.  Like a lot of people I have a large collection of MF lenses in addition to modern ones.  I will say which ones I like, but I don't try argue for the objectivity of my judgment about them, or say to some who relies on objective testing that I am correct and they are "making assumptions" while I possess knowledge.

No one is saying the the FE55 is overpriced in any objective way.  That question is irrelevant to the OP question: which class of lenses should he buy.  The question is, for example, "Is he better off with the FE55 or the bundle of the E50, the E35 and the Sigma 19 which price out to about the same amount?"  Which choice will produce a better set of photos during the time when he owns the A6000?  I think that it is so clear that the latter set will produce better photos on the A6000 that to argue for the FE55 requires that one depart from photographic judgment and enter the world of object fetish, which is a major factor operating in these forums.  If you said "You will be more proud to own and be seen with the FE55 and to describe it to your friends." then I would have no argument because such views are based on object fetish considerations.  I merely say that any bundle of APS-C lenses will produce better photos for equivalent price than a smaller bundle of FE lenses on an APS-C sensor.

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