Light leak, Shmite leak (warning - 16th light leak thread) Don't read

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Light leak, Shmite leak (warning - 16th light leak thread) Don't read

Let me start by saying, my X-T1 is no different from anyone else. It has the leaks.

When I first read about them, like everyone else, I left the lens cap on and opened the door (with and without a remote plugged in) and got the beautiful dreaded purple haze on the LCD. Oh well. A piece of tape will become a new item in my bag.

I shined a light into the focus assist lamp with the lens on and voila, leak as well.

But then, I started testing real world shots.

The thing is, is just won't ever matter.

Here are two shots:

This one is a 26 second exposure

This one is a 17+ minute exposure with a 6 stop ND filter.

I plugged in my cable remote and let them rip in B mode.

The door was wide open (GASP) and the house lights were all on (brighter than I would normally consider wise without shielding the lens with a flag of some sort anyway), directly to the left of the camera.

Result, no noticeable purple haze.

I shot for 60 seconds, straight into a bright cloud with a 10 stop filter on to try to induce the focus assist leak in a real world shot. Again, nothing.


Well, from what I can tell, the light that causes a leak would have to be way more than 10 stops brighter than the light entering the lens to even start to become visible.

So, yes, shining a flashlight into the ports does the trick.

Leaving the lens cap on does the trick.

Leaving the headlights of your car on and pointed directly at your camera while taking night shots would do the trick.

Shooting to the north while the sun is setting to the west with a 10 stop ND filter on might do the trick.

With the exception of the last one, I would NEVER (nor should anyone else) do those things.

The last one is such a special case, it just seems irrelevant.

The one "real world" shot that I have seen floating around must have been staged (forced).

Am I disappointed, yes. The resale value of me T1 has dropped unless I get it patched. So I guess, eventually, I will. But...for now, IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER.

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