Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

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This Posting At The Canon Forum Brings Up Questions...

"Up until yesterday, I would have agreed with your statement. But the G1X Mk2 is already looking less than perfect. It's possible that users don't know how to use this camera properly (as was the complaint going about on the Japanese forums last night).

But alas, after seeing so-called "real world examples" from the G1X Mk2 surface in Japan, and reading an endless series of posts concerning dissatisfaction with the image quality and macro results from the new Mk2, I can't help but feel that Canon got it wrong (again) in the same manner as they did with their last PowerShot to share similar lens features (brightness/f-stop).
One of the members here has already posted samples he found last night and was disappointed with the G1X Mk2 over his G1X Mk1. The highlights appeared washed out and he was commenting on how he wants to keep using his Mk1 for another year.
That's not good. I can't imagine why Canon would have a problem so I'm willing to sit back and take a very careful look at what people have to say about it. The first shots to surface showed the G1X Mk2 had a poor handling of some image files from the "creative" filters. Some had that new noise-reduction moire embedded in the noise/texture. Other shots were razor sharp... until we noticed they'd been taken on a tripod. I like the "front" half of the camera but am very dissatisfied with the fold-out rear design.
In time, I''m sure all will be revealed.

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