Reason for slow flash sync speed

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Does anyone know what the reason may be that even the newest announced e-mount camera's flash sync speed is only 1/160 s?
Is it not possible to improve upon that with a mirror less camera for some reason or do just too few customers care for it to be faster?

The A7(r) cameras are very light. Due to the sensor size, the shutter is quite large and has a lot of mass relative to say a micro four-thirds shutter. Moving the shutter fast enough to get 1/250s sync speed would multiply the shutter vibration issues that people are already complaining about.

The A7 does do 1/250th X-Sync. That's one of the differences between it and the A7R (1/160th). Another, probably-related, difference between the two is that the A7 has EFCS and the A7R does not.

The A7 has 1/250s sync because it has electronic first curtain. It also has bigger pixels, which helps mask shutter shock.

That's an interesting theory, but it doesn't hold water. The A7 can still sync at 1/250th with EFCS disabled. I just verified it.

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A7 with kit lens and a number of legacy lenses (mostly Canon FD)

And the EFCS lacking A7R actually does flash sync perfectly in 1/200s. Tiny black shading visible in top of the frame at 1/250s. At least mine does.

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