Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

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Re: Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

The most important words here, "maybe"...."guess" and "assuming"....

technic wrote:

Just looking at the Nikon series 1 V3 (which could have some of the same technology / features as the P8000), maybe the P8000 is not competition for G1X II at all. I guess Nikon is not going to sell a fixed lens camera that directly competes with their V3 (including a much better lens that is not available for Nikon 1 system). The most common reaction to the V3 seems to be 'way overpriced'. One can only imagine how expensive the P8000 has to be (assuming the specs and quality are great) so it doesn't cannibalize on V3 sales ;-(

Considering G1X II pricing in Europe, I would not be surprised to see the P8000 introduced at EUR 999 (that was also the price for Coolpix A BTW) or even higher. The EU price for G1X II is very high IMHO and only realistic if it has excellent image quality (the first image samples are not exactly pointing in that direction). If both are priced sky-high one can only hope that Sony is working on an improved RX100 II (with a higher quality lens that includes 24mm equiv.).

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