Nikon 1: Once Again no 4:3 Option

Started Mar 13, 2014 | Discussions thread
OP Lobalobo Senior Member • Posts: 2,445
Re: Nikon 1: Once Again no 4:3 Option

MattZisk wrote:

I wonder if there's a buffer size match issue. If you're pushing a lot of data from the sensor, is there an ideal size for a given sensor such that you'd slow things down by cropping before the data are saved? The fact that the 10 Mp, 14 Mp and 18Mp systems all have the same limitation argues against it, but I wonder if the firmware or hardware is tailored in some way that makes that kind of cropping difficult.

On the other hand, it may be that Nikon designers simply want to impose on you their narrow-minded view of what's best.

Interesting.  So maybe I'm wrong that it would be essentially free to offer the option.  That would be a disappointment, but at least a mystery solved.  As you say, though, seems unlikely.

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