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I believe this was introduced with A7R, they advertized the same thing eg. angled microlenses and gapless design the 36 Mpixel FF sensor in A7R.

Not sure how big the effect is in real life with APS-C sized sensor, but in theory you are right this would affect the lens profiles. Also, the gapless design in A7R was said to improve light gathering and low light performance and A7R did beat the A7 in ISO test in dxomark. I'm supposed to get my A6000 in 9th of April and I'm really looking forward on what the sensor and AF can do.

as the April 9th is pretty close - do you have any E-mount glass in about 85mm or longer to really test it on dynamic action scenes yet without advantages of a large DOF (which seems to be preponderant mode of testing on majority of YT videos so far)??

Have the FE 70-200/4 OSS coming about same time according to Sony web store. Both should be delivered between 8th and 10th of April. Gonna be interesting to pair these two as the FE 70-200 is supposed to have very fast focus motor.

Superb, to have the a6k tested at 200mm with fast aperture wide open, and fast motor should raise any doubts as to the real capabilities of that OPDAF - at least in good light.

I was really impressed by what a6k can do when coupled with the 16-70/4 on static scenes. But the results with the 16-50PZ or 18-105G for action tracking were pretty much underwhelming so far, to say the least, when it concerns IQ of moving target captures at 11 fps (perhaps due to a way tooooooo loooooong shutter speeds used).

as to the gapless microlenses - they have been around at least since Eos 50d, and really took off with the introduction of the Eos 7d more than 4.5 yrs. ago...

It is not a new invention, I know. Sony has not been using it before and it is supposed to be one of the reason why the A7R is better at ISO tests than A7. So it will be interesting to see what effect is has in a Sony 24 Mp APS-C vs. the previous generation.


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