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Re: FE 24-70 QC

PaulR wrote:

I'm going to order mine in April for a May trip. My 28-70 kit lens is better by far than some of the 24-70 samples I've seen. I never suspected Sony of bad copies all through the 16-50PZ discussions, but clearly there are with the lens.

I can't comment on the QC problems since I was one of the lucky ones that got a great 24-70 on my first go around. But I can tell you that I did buy a 28-70 off of eBay just for yucks. When you test the 28-70 alone it looks like a good lens on the A7R. In stand alone pictures it looks like it has good sharpness and no decentering or other obvious problems. But OMG when you compare it directly to a good copy of the 24-70mm the differences are night and day. My 24-70 is clearly sharper at F4 than the 28-70 is at F8 at every focal length in the center and corners. I was actually really pretty surprised. I only paid $265 for my 28-70 so whether the 24-70mm is worth another $900-1000 is probably a very personal decision but I feel confident saying that there is a very visible difference between a good copy of each lens.

I'm sure you're right - a good copy of the 24-70 should beat a good copy of the 28-70, especially on an A7r. I don't think Sony intended the kit lens to be used on that superb sensor. And there's no question that a good 24-70 would kick the pants off a poor 28-70.

I bought the A7/lens/strobe kit and already sold the strobe for 3x what I paid for it. I planned to sell the kit lens for whatever I could get and buy the 24-70. Then I saw the images - not just those posted here, but ones privately emailed to me by forum members embarrassed to post them, or unwilling to suffer slings from critics here. That's when I held my purchase.

Your results comparing the kit and your experience with your 24-70 (http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53290738) are why I still plan to get a 24-70 for my lowly A7. It's a very convenient range, and with the A7, I feel good at shooting at ISO 1600-2000 where I might have felt reluctant to go above ISO 400 with my NEX-6. I have four excellent, faster primes that cover that range, one of which - a 17mm - will likely be my go-to lens for cathedral interiors and landscapes. My 35mm is almost welded to my A7 - I like to get closer with that focal length; my 50mm is as good as you can get, yet somehow gets rarely used. My 90mm is razor sharp at f2.8-f4, but other than people shots, isn't heavily used. I finally found an affordable like-new actual Leica Series 7 polarizing filter that fits a lens shade that will fit on my 35, 50 and 90mm, so that may transform my perspective toward the 24-70 (although I inexplicably have a 62mm Moose filter I plan to use on the 24-70).

I am self employed and don't have a lot of daylight time to test and return lenses. So I'm waiting. I understand B&H expects a new shipment soon...

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