X100s and PocketWizard TT1 / TT5's

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Re: X100s and PocketWizard TT1 / TT5's

f56andbethere wrote:

I've been reading a lot of anecdotal comments and blogs on using off-camera flash and the x100(s). There seems to be mixed opinions on using wireless triggers, like the PocketWizards. Some people recommend cheap, crappy triggers instead. Some say a TTL-cord only. Lots of differing opinions.

I tried today to get my X100s to work with my Mini-TT1 on the camera and a Flex-TT5 on a Nikon SB-700. It seemed to work just fine up until 1/250th, at which point the frame often went black completely, and I certainly couldn't get beyond that. I messed a bit with power on the flash and aperture, and somehow, randomly, I got to 1/500th, but not a 1/3rd stop more. And then even that stopped working consistently.

Obviously I'm not trying to do TTL stuff. The flash is on TTL only to accept power changes from the TT1, which is set to manual. Camera flash (shoe) is on. Not on silent mode, etc.

So, overall, it was inconsistent and I can't even form a coherent theory on what settings work best, because even settings that seemed to work, randomly failed miserably. And to be clear, the flash is usually triggered when I take the photo, but, for example, a shot in a mirror will not show the flash going off, so it's ever-so-slightly out of sync. I know it has a lot to do with power settings of the flash, and its flash duration at those settings. But I want to know some mildly consistent theory so this is useful and predictable. (First Fuji camera, bit of a re-learning curve.)

Anyone have any good thoughts on getting this working well? Is it really just better to get an off-camera cord? One reviewer said he got this to work, but PocketWizards only got him to 1/640th, whereas the cord consistently got him to 1/2000th. Dave Hobby suggested similarly.

So... yeah!

I previously wrote about my success in using PW Mini TT1 and TT5 with my X100S upto 1/1000 sec sync speed.  I can even control the flash output manually using the AC3 zone controller.  You can read it here:


Make sure you have the latest PW firmwares.

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