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Re: An example.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

If set for S-AF+MF touh the focus dial dial takes you into manual focus, and spinning the command dial then takes you to maximum magnification. I instinctively do this every time I handle the camera.

Doing that takes you into MF and allows you to set the magnification level all right, and the magnification level you set affects both MF and the size of the AF box in zoom-frame AF. I thought you were talking about how to enter zoom-frame AF in order to access the small box you can get there, but couldn't get in ordinary AF mode prior to FW 2.0.

Anders W wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Left Info Up/Down gives me three schemes, but doesn't seem to give me an option to set a smaller focus box...

With FW 2.0, you should have four schemes here, the fourth being the new one with the very small box (slightly smaller than the 14x box you talk about below).

Twist lens / spin dial enables me to set 14X, which I THOUGHT set the camera to use the smallest focus box?

Don't know what you mean by "twist lens / spin dial" but going into what the manual calls "zoom frame AF" (which you can do by means of Fn2, multifunction button, if you haven't customized Fn2 to do something else) gives you the option of a 14x box. Before FW 2.0, this was the smallest you could get. The advantage of FW 2.0 is a) that you can get a slightly smaller square box and b) that you don't have to go into the special zoom-frame AF mode to get it. The disadvantage of the zoom-frame AF mode is that you can't see certain other important info when in that mode, e.g., the live-view "blinkies" or the level gauges.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Just seems to be another way of setting the 14x box (slower than my old way too). Unless I have missed something?

I listed the universal way to change AF above somewhere.

Maybe you don't realise that there are two focus box schemes, the usual AF box that appears briefly when AF is happening and can be now set to a small size. Then there's the separate Magnify box which stays on the screen once you access it (hold assigned Magnify button for a second to get back to regular AF box). It is also the Magnify box that is used for touch screen focus/shoot. Also can press OK to get back from Magnify box to usual default AF box.

You can have the small default AF box and a larger say 5x Magnify box and swap between the two if you like at any time.

Regards..... Guy

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