Calumet Announces Immediate Closing in the US

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JulesJ wrote:

JFMoore wrote:

I already posted on the news thread, but in short I won't be shedding any tears. 10 years ago there was no contest in local photography shops - Calumet was 5x the quality of store Ritz was. Recently, though, the attitude of the staff got really poor and I stopped going after a particularly bad incident. If you can't treat customers with some minimum level of respect you shouldn't be working retail.

They got a lot of my money over the years, and I never once looked at something in their store and then bought it online, so no guilt here.

I guess you don't run a retail business in these hard times either. Many people are now out of a job from a business that that was successful but was hit by massive competition from web sales and a decline in camera buying. It's easy to be hard and dismissive on a faceless forum isn't it?

Actually I do run a business, but not retail.  Even so, when i have a previous customer make a polite inquiry (or ANY customer make ANY inquiry, really) I treat them with respect, and am clear that I expect the same of all employees. They don't seem to find it a burden or an unusual request.

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