X-T1: not fully baked?

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X-T1: not fully baked?

I've started with an x100, added the x-pro, and then added the x-t1 (twice since the first unit had defects).

While it seems to be a nice camera overall - I'm at a loss for the rave reviews it's gotten.  I love fujifilm cameras.  I just feel quite a bit let down with the X-t1.  I am trying to love it - and I'm about 2000+ shots in so far.

I could talk about the great points - and they are there - but those seems talked to death.  I agree with so many of them, so please take the following rant with that grain of salt.

Some items that don't seem right:

The d-pad (or selector or whatever).  Very little tactile response, and it harkens back to the days of desperately trying to hit the menu button on the original x100: the buttons are too small, and really dont have much of a click or give feedback.  the x-pro's are 1000x better. Add to that My bottom and right buttons don't even depress.  I understand it might be another defective body (the first one's buttons were only slightly better) but it wasn't a good surprise.  I use spot focus all of the time and it is a rough go.

Focus point selection.  Why the f doesn't menu/ok return you to the center spot (as it does with other fuji cameras)?  Bad enough you have to click and move the spot with buttons not good enough for a cheap calculator, but you have to move it back into the center from wherever you had it before. Is there a setting I missed?

Wifi transfer and apps - they are great and fast, but I'd love if I didn't have top make multiple clicks in the app and on the camera in sequence to make the connection.  eye-fi cards and their app transfer automatically when I leave the app open... I get that for size and battery you might not want it constant, but I'd love to flag an image, and if the app is open they connect and those images just go over.  that said transfer is faster than I ever imagined, when it works (which is indeed most of the time).

Continuous focus (C).  It just hunts and hunts and never locks.  Perhaps I just don't understand how it works - why wouldn't it work like the x-pro and the x100?  I have yet to ever have it lock onto anything.  Half press and it just wiggles back and forth and never locks.

Speaking of focus - in single mode (S), the camera keeps trying to focus (even without a finger on the release) when using pre-af.  Wears the heck out of the battery for no reason.  Would love if it worked more similar to Sony's eye focus and only did pre-af when you were looking through view finder (eye detect) or in continuous mode only.

Moving the buttons: Play and view mode.  Why?  Speaking of buttons, how about something/icons on all of them (play, q, and delete get icons, which are easy to see in low light - but the text labeled areas often have me jumping into 'q' instead of focus check).  Most times I feel for them, but sometimes Im looking and click wrong because text is on the body - to the side or below the actual button.  Consistency would be great.  I know it is a training issue on my part - and maybe a lot of compromises were made to call is 'weather sealed', but definitely not great (for me).

That crap SD slot door. I suppose it's OK, just feels cheap.

The LCD - touching the edges makes the liquid crystal warp and change color.  It doesn't take much pressure, and really makes me fear it it doesn't have adequate reinforcement.

EVF - it flashes bright a lot just before each picture (when shutter is halfway pressed).  It is really distracting.  In  low light - it gets super grainy, which is a new thing for me since that wasn't true with the x100 or x-pro.  I guess they add a lot of gain to help 'see', but it isn't glorious.

That's enough for now - I'd love feedback.  Not looking for flames - I love the X-t1.  It seems though there are a lot of items that don't match up with the overall build quality, and some changes and 'features' that really don't follow best practice for interface design.  I also get it technically isn't necessarily considered a 'pro' model - but it looks like that was a target at some point.

Some of the above will hopefully be remedied by firmware.  But that direction selector.... ugh.

Thanks for reading this far.  be gentle.


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