One of these must go: D600 or D800. Which one?

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Re: One of these must go: D600 or D800. Which one?

OK, I'm a D600 shooter with a D7100 backup (for reach), and all my friends have D800's. What I suggest is keep the camera that is most different to your Fuji, a camera that will most complement rather than replicate.

For me, the FX D600 is supreme for wide and when I need great DR. The D7100 is fantastic for making a 300mm F4 + TC14eII into a very good F5.6 630mm for around $1,000.

Which Nikon will have the most similar controls to your Fuji so you don't keep hitting the wrong buttons under pressure if you have to swap between cameras... they all can fail, you know!

Finally, what is your shooting style (not types of photos you take)? Which one best fits your headspace, not just your hand?

For me, the D600 won the comparison with the D800 easily, except I only wish the sanitary napkin focus point spread was wider, but, hey, to an old point and recompose shooter, does it really matter?

Good luck with your philosophical choice... and I'd like to hear your reasons when eventually you have to jilt one of a very fine pair!

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