E-M1 Focus problems

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Re: E-M1 Focus problems

photohounds wrote:

lnikj wrote:

radsaq wrote:

The first two shots look like they may be slightly unsharp due to diffraction. If you're looking for ultimate pixel-level sharpness, you probably don't want to above f/5.6 at 12mm. The third shot looks as though it's sharp where you indicate, but there simply isn't enough depth of field even at f/5.6 at 32mm for the depth of the scene.

Hmmm … you could be right about the first two. Thing is I had always assumed I was pretty safe from diffraction up to f/7.1. Clearly not.

Turning bright red as I write on that one.

Not sure about the third one though. Still doesn't look right to me.

Nevertheless, I asked what I was doing wrong, and I guess the answer is "unreasonable expectations'.


Diffraction with that lens (in fact most Zuikos) doesn't set in until f11+
It should be way sharper than that. The lenses are certainly capable of much more. This isn't normal.

Not teaching you how to suck eggs, are the lenses spotless?
Lots of haze in the air?

Lens is cleaned before every excursion.

A bit of haze - see the picture later in the thread to see how much.

I usually shoot with sharpenss -1, what is yours set to?
Also what picture mode did you use?

Camera defaults. I don't shoot jpegs.

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