Buy or pass on V3? Poll.

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Re: Buy or pass on V3? Poll.

Vlasty wrote:

They don't look terribly bad when compared to the V2. to me they look about the same. Some samples show some major noise reduction which I would expect. Just not a big improvement over the V2. Guess we really won't know till we get some RAWS to play with.

I think everyone is just hoping for a miracle, that somehow the V3 will have superior noise performance! But 1" sensor is 1" sensor, it will never match the DSLR performance. It'll always have limitations. The noise performance of the V1 is already way ahead of the M4/3 when they were first launched and that's with a bigger sensor. So in a few years time, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the N1 can match the DX of today, but then people would compare with the DX/FX of the same period and complain about noise issue. Bottom line is, CX, DX & FX are all marked for different sector of the market. Even if they could match the CX with the FX, they wouldn't have done it. FX will always better the DX and the DX will always better the CX.

From the limited sample, the noise performance does look better then the V1 (I don't consider the V2 as an upgrade in anyway). At ISO6400, looks to me, it's better than the V1's ISO3200, so quite a bit of improvement IMO. Would also like to see more high ISO photos to see how much is the improvement!

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