E-M1 Focus problems

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The words that dare not speak their name

Following a "tip off" in a PM that pointed me to various relevant posts I am now starting to wonder if what I am seeing in some of my images is … wait for it … *shutter shock*.

There I said it. I know that I'm not allowed to say this about the E-M1 and will probably now be derided as a troll. I will certainly be attacked for being unscientific and having questionable shooting technique I am sure.

I have been going back through my E-M1 images with a fresh eye. This isn't that easy as I am a pretty ruthless with my images and throw most of them away for a variety of reasons, not least for failing to obtain critical sharpness at 1:1.

What my admittedly unscientific study has shown is that my softest E-M1 images are all to be found at about 1/80s - 1/320s, with a particular bias at 1/200s. I have beautifully sharp images handheld at 1/15s and plenty at 1/640s or above.

I generally shoot images in two ways. In the evening on a tripod with IBIS off and slow shutter speeds, or handheld out when walking with my other half in the middle of the day through to late afternoon/early evening. Unsurprisingly the latter leads to a lot of shots at f/7.1 (my self imposed 'diffraction limit') and at shutter speeds in the vicinity of 1/200s.

I was looking at these images suspecting diffraction of being the culprit but maybe it isn't. Maybe it is the words that dare not speak their name.

I know that doesn't explain the first image I posted (1/500s) so I guess that will add fuel to the fire.

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