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Hi All

Quick question to the Pentax 645 D. Does anyone use one?

I currently own a Nikon D700/800 and have used the Sony A99 & A900. Primarily I shoot landscapes and do allot of beauty work for models. I wouldn't be using the Pentax for weddings or street photography but it would mostly be landscapes , studio beauty shoots, and outdoor swimsuit shoots. I am after a camera with a little more bite so to speak as I did like the D800 but am curious about the advantages of the larger image sensor and medium format in general.

Has anyone used a 645D or come from using a high end DSLR to the 645D?

Cheers & Thanks

You can't go wrong with the 645D. I owned the Phase One with a very similar Kodak sensor and the rendition and level of detail is absolutely second to none. The major difference between the two systems being price: I paid about $20,000 for for the seven-year-old Phase kit whereas the Pentax 645D (at least where I'm working at the moment) can be had new at $5500 ($1500 cheaper than the flagship Canon 1DX — which has a sensor half the size). Plus the Pentax lenses average about a third to an eighth the cost of the Phase/Schneider equivalents, without much of a trade-off in quality.

And the DOF. There's just no comparison to the control you have over DOF with medium-format cameras. Can you say BOKEH!?

If you're looking for a medium-format cam for controlled-lighting scenarios as you described above, for less than the price of either Canon or Nikon's flagship 35mm DSLRs, now is the time to buy the Pentax. Honestly, my assistant owned the D800 and despite the similar pixel count, whenever we knew we'd be printing larger than an 8x10 he left his camera at home.


P.S. — BTW and all the other caps and punctuation marks: A good read here if you're at all concerned about ergonomics: a_first_review.shtml">

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