sony a7 vs a6000 vs fuji x-t1

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Re: sony a7 vs a6000 vs fuji x-t1

As others have mentioned it's more of an A7 vs X-T1 decision. Both will give excellent image quality, but A7 will have more detail -- but only when you're pixel peeping.

One major factor is lens size. A7 lenses will be much larger than equivalent Fujis (with its APS-C sensor). No getting around that. If you wanted to downsize your load, then A7 isn't for you. It's not much smaller overall when you consider that the lens is roughly the same size as for any other FF DSLR.

Another thing is that the selection of lenses available for the Sony is currently very slim. And then the cost. 55mm f/1.8 has been tested as extremely sharp, but it's $1000.00. Are you kidding me? For an f/1.8 lens?! That price is fine for an f/1.2 FF lens. You're better off with the Fuji 35mm (50mm field of view equivalent) F/1.4 at less than half that price. Besides, who looks at a photograph and says "Wow, this photo takes my breath away because it's so... sharp!"??? They're all sharp enough in this price range -- at typical print sizes and even to fill a 4K display. Which BTW "only" has 8.3 MP (3840 x 2160 typical display).

So, if you're OK with larger gear and need the megapixels (for extremely large prints) then Sony A7 is a good choice. Excellent image quality. If you want smaller load and still excellent image quality -- not as many MP for the pixel peepers out there -- then XT-1 is probably better.

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