Lens recommendation: is 23mm a must-have?

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Re: Lens recommendation: is 23mm a must-have?

Thanks for sharing, Ethan! I just read your blog from your other thread. Really enjoyed the design and review photos. Keep up the good work! Zooms are good for travel/hiking when oftentimes you can't move forward or backward easily on the trail. But I do need a lowlight lens as you suggested, at some point!

purethanol wrote:

I agree that no lens is a must have for everyone. But to me a 35mm is very versatile. It's not too wide and not too narrow. And the 23mm is fast and sharp too. I did notice that it had a bit of distortion and slight CA but that can all be fix fairly quickly in post. AF is not as fast as some of the newer lenses. Even with these faults, I think it's still a very desirable lens. Build quality is excellent and the photos are nice and contrasty. I just bought the Fuji X-T1 and this is my first lens on it. If you're interested in street photography at all, I would recommend a prime lens with a FOV between 28-50mm. I personally prefer 35mm to all other focal lengths. I think zooms are handy but if you're going to carry that bulk around, I think the upcoming f2.8 zooms are more justifiable. I also notice that you don't have a lens that's faster than f2.4. I think the 23mm will fill in the gap in your collection nicely. I've taken some test shots with it. You can see the photos with the link below. Hope that helps!


TravelLight wrote:

I have ordered X-T1 and the following lenses: 14mm, 18-55mm, 60mm, 55-200mm. So, with the lens sale ending soon, is there another lens I should buy?

I mainly do landscape, animals (my cat and wildlife encountered while hiking), street, and want to get into macro (mainly flowers and creatures on flowers/grass/leaves, etc.).

Is 23mm necessary if I already have the lenses above? Especially given that I don't really do street all that much, and already have 18-55? I really like 56mm but the price is so high that I definitely won't buy unless I have a real need (I don't do weddings or formal portraits -- not a pro).


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