What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

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Re: Smoother, more natural, richer, better tonality

PerL wrote:

My experience, besides my own, is that the photos I see from professionals in my job as magazine producer usually are FF and in general looks better than those from the few who uses smaller formats.

I'm curious, as a magazine producer, you're probably familiar with the extensive PS retouching that goes into images prepped for magazines. Do you agree with me that the Shumilova images posted as exemplars by the OP show obvious postprocessing in Photoshop (or similar tool)?

Yes, I can see that those have been skillfully post processed, but still you can't easily replicate them on smaller formats.

Since when did Photoshop only work on images produced by FF cameras? That's news to me.

Final question: what does "more natural, richer, better tonality" mean when looking at significantly downsized jpegs posted on websites in the sRGB color space utilizing (mostly) 8 bit monitors?

Actually, I think you often can see it even in downsized jpegs. Here is just an example, which I also have seen printed in a 50x40 cm print . Click on the link and scroll to the image of Michael Phelps in profile (shot with a Nikon D3). How often do you see a shot with that tonality in contrasty light with a smaller sensor?


Nice shots. He's one of the great sports photogs for sure, but the tonality and the lighting conditions you're so impressed with don't look particularly unique to me. You want smooth, natural, rich tonality? Here you go:


(And I'm still waiting for an actual explanation of how the so-called tonality advantages of FF translates to interpolated/downsized jpegs viewed online. You're not the first to claim they can see it, but what is it really that we're supposed to be able to see from those FF shots that won't be there in the cropped sensor shots?)

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