Buy or pass on V3? Poll.

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Re: Buy or pass on V3? Poll.

peter42y wrote:

Nung wrote:

myzel wrote:

Steve Krone wrote:

… Don't understand how so many can be trashing a new product introduced for less than 8 hours!

It's fun. Trash it before anybody can prove you wrong with real world experience and images

In the end it's just a camera. Those who buy it will have their reasons and probably use it to take pictures. Just like anybody else who bought a camera.

From another point of view, trashing it is actually pretty good. Let's spread the rumour that N1 is really really crap........ Ooops too late! Ok so just call it V3 is really really crap! Since people nowadays only loves to pass on "information" but without actually finding it out the truth for themselves. Most people won't even bother picking one up at all, so the sales is not what they'd expect, forcing Nikon to drop their price quicker than they'd want. By the time it gets to X'mas, would probably have dropped 30% in price, making it an attractivebuy......... Wakakakaka (evil llaugh) XD!!!!

This is what did happen with the EOS-M. The camera is awesome.., but initial reviews trashed it. After looking some pictures shot with it...,and watching the video about the maligned autofocus that according to reviews was too slow.., I jumped the ship and I could not have been hapier.

On the contrary the autofocus of the nikon D5100 in live view..,sucks and the camera got high ratings.

Really? From what I heard it's AF sucks big time! That's from actually users rather than the "professional reviewers". Anyway it looks good but without a VF, it's just not an option for me.

Nikon's DSLR live view is pointless. Never use it. Slow, lacks, hunts.......... absolutely terrible.

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