Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

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re: spot on!!

KBKB wrote:

While I do like the Tri-Navi interface, I could also be happy with some other interface that allows me to adjust all three exposure parameters in manual mode with only a twist of a knob or dial. The A6000 just needs an extra knob/dial added somewhere...

  • exactly this: either three dials, or two dials + PASM dial; it is not that important which design they'd be following,
  • be it the N7's classic ThreeNav, or the layout taken from A7s - although the latter implies a very awkward placement of the shutter button;
  • what is important to have would be to preserve maximally the flexibility and configurability of ThreeNav - obviously incorporating all the progress and developments in UI from RX-1 and A7s;
  • which a6k seems to be a bit skimpy about


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