NX20 and NX30 - ISO capabilities (nearly) unchanged!?

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Re: NX20 and NX30 - ISO capabilities (nearly) unchanged!?

jennyrae wrote:

thank you for your time and effort and just visit your site again and saw new test just now.

Yes, I updated the test several times today.

impression is that NX30 has slightly bit more headroom and appear to render better retention of detail as iso get higher, aside from being brighter. I do not see much difference in contrast in similar brightness level but see difference slightly in detail retention when iso levels is compared with brightness equivalent in your test.

I don't see much difference at all. Nothing that would have a real impact in practical usage.

however, I am curious to see using same bunny pictures of NX20 at different ISO to have exposure adjusted to same brightness level as NX30 using Lightroom.

Why would someone want to do this instead of a normal exposed image?

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