What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

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Look in the right places

One forum you might check out is the Olympus SLR forum. It has a fairly high percentage of photo to gear chatter discussions, and a fairly high number of quality photographs.

In the M43 forum, look for any thread by Bob Tullis. He is a NYC photographer with considerable talent. I believe he just won a challenge this week. Any time I start wondering about limitations of the gear, I look up a few of Bob's shots.

Look at how you use the camera. Are you using JPEG output? Panasonic doesn't have a particularly good JPEG engine. RAW and Lightroom work well for me. You can breathe a lot of life into a flat looking shot with highlight and shadow manipulation. I find the combination of EM5+LR to be very effective.

What ISO are you using? A lot of flat looking shots come from using too high ISO for convenience. Just because you have ISO6400 doesn't mean that it's the best choice. I tend to stay in the ISO200-400 range whenever possible, for the best dynamic range.

You may still find you prefer a larger sensor setup. It would be a pity, though, to spend that sort of money to find you're still getting the same results.

My direct experience with M43 is: the greatest limitation is the person holding the camera. I've seen enough excellent work done with M43 cameras to know that. Same holds true for Fuji X, it is quite capable of producing gorgeous shots - if the person holding the camera knows how to use it.

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