Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Re: No, you just learned to use the Photonija Noise Reduction slider properly after being tutored.

SensorGuy wrote:

Chanthis wrote:
Here's your MO. You adopt a camera, put the rose glasses on, become a huge cheerleader, badmouth the old system and at the same time badmouth anyone who doesn't see your new camera as the next coming. I wonder what camera you'll be cheering for next year.

This is quite obvious from his posting style, but it's worth you pointing it out for others. His opinions lack the kind of balance than an objective person would take and very much suffer from confirmation bias.

The rabid fanboy stuff is seen more often in equipment forums. Fanboy-ism seems to particularly rampant in the niche-camera forums, less than, say, the Nikon and Canon forums. You tend to see a lot of "religion" in the Sigma and Fuji forums. The old 4/3rds DSLR forum was one of the best examples of this.

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