canon S110, S120 or Sony RX100?

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canon S110, S120 or Sony RX100?

Firstly I must apologise for bringing up a topic that has been discussed to death on this forum. However, I have pretty much read through all the relevant threads (glossing over the technical bits though because I don't understand any of it..) and youtube videos, but I'm still terribly UNDECIDED!

I would be very very very thankful if anyone could offer some advice in relation to my background (very different from the pros on this thread I feel)

Background information: I sold off my s95 in hopes to get a better upgrade as the image quality in low light wasn't satisfying me any further, and the shutter speed just wasn't good enough. on hindsight, it is an amazing camera (loved it everyday for 3years) and I could have stuck with it for another year or so. however, itchy fingers meant a want for a new camera
Would like to add that I am a complete beginner in terms of photography.. and never really fiddled with the functions of the s95 (it was 98% on auto which was perfectly great for my needs). battery life isn't a concern as I have no qualms about carrying extra batteries around. What I use the camera for on a daily basis:

1. travelling! shots of landscapes and people and family and friends. I rarely print photos; it's more of sharing them with family via facebook

2. baked goods. I do fancy cake decorating as a hobby and microshots are key. I require crispy clear photographs with true-to-life colors. am currently building up a portfolio.

3. good HD videos if possible? I would like start recording travels via videos (:

What I have garnered from reading the threads + thoughts:
1. s120 isn't as well-liked on this forum; and reading all them threads = me having regrets about letting my s95 go. however it seems that the general opinion is that the s110 gives better bang for the buck.
prices (gbp) in my country: s110 - 162, s120 - 269, sony RX100 - 329

My first choice was initially s120 (it met all the ticks with the HD video, touch-screen and upgraded specs, +ve reviews on youtube) but after trawling through this forum, I'm having second thoughts.. and am really unsure as to how to proceed!

2. sony rx100 is clearly a BETTER camera in all aspects.. however it isn't as compact (I'm a 21 girl with a love for tight jeans) as the s95. in addition, I'm unsure as to the user-friendliness of rx100? would it function well if I didn't fiddle with the controls? or is it a camera that has to be toyed with in order to exploit its full value? which is the case with every camera.. I know! but the s95 suited me fine on auto (: hence the extrapolation that the s110/120 will do the same?

In conclusion, I'm looking for an upgraded canon s95 (man I love that camera so much) with better video output, better image quality, similar body size and at a relatively affordable price. It would be stretching my STUDENT budget if I brought the rx100 however it's the case with you pay for what you get? (:

Thank you so much in advance!

p.s. I really am an amateur so technical terms make no sense. typing this whole passage out made me understand the stark difference between my knowledge of cameras vs the pros on this forum. Im sorry if this isn't the right place to ask with my background but I really would appreciate any input!

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