NX20 and NX30 - ISO capabilities (nearly) unchanged!?

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Re: A comment on your test page...

arbuz wrote:

Ignore them. Your test is good enough to show that there is no difference in nose performance between the two cameras.

Ignore everyone that has different opinion.

First off, I didn't write that, I posted it here because I think he has a point.

Second, I believe the point he's making is to ignore self-appointed experts with more agenda to voice than test data. And I agree.

NX20 has the same noise performance as NX210. One can use dp comparison tool so see if there is noise difference between NX210 and NX300. There are plenty of samples on other sites e.g. imaging resource has full raw images taken in studio conditions. ere is also DXO test.

Yes, but what's that got to do with the NX30 or this guy's test?

But no - one amateur test trumps it all. Everything else can be ignored. You don't even have both cameras to make such claims.

I'm not making claims. And nobody is saying this test 'trumps' anything, including the person that made it.

There is however, contrast difference. NX30 seems to be more contrasty,

Maybe there is a contract difference but for sure there is a brightness difference. Whole image is brighter, while contrast difference should brighten bright sparts and darken dark parts.

As has been noted.

Eric (the guy on dpreview) said that NX30 is sharper than previous NX cameras but i do not see any sharpness difference. I see only contrast difference.

Look again and see brightness difference.

There could be some UV filter effect going on, too. As has been posited.

Nobody is saying there's zero difference at the pixel level, but I think that even this test establishes that, if there is any, it's pretty small. Apparently, possibly less than the 2/3+ EV that some have been talking about.

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