Reason for slow flash sync speed

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Re: Reason for slow flash sync speed

Schwaeble wrote:

Does anyone know what the reason may be that even the newest announced e-mount camera's flash sync speed is only 1/160 s?
Is it not possible to improve upon that with a mirror less camera for some reason or do just too few customers care for it to be faster?

I think that some already said it, but the answer is, read this article, it has good illustrations:

Lol - dpreview loses the animation - go to the article to see the animation of the images below.

The slow sync speed max is the slowest shutter speed that fully opens to shutter. That is, one curtain has moved fully, and the second one has not started to move yet.

The A7 is faster as it does not have the first curtain (EFC on) active.

slow sync - the sensor must be fully exposed for the flash sync

The high sync speed max is usually the max shutter speed. The shutter and flash are highly synchronized and as the two curtains are 'chasing' each other, the image will be flashed in 'slits'. The flash turns into a strobe that follows the curtains as they are moving.

high speed sync

high speed sync for faster shutter speeds (slits is smaller, needs more strobes)

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