Nikon VS Canon? SLR or Point and Shoot?

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Re: Canon T5i shots? Auto vs Creative Auto?

Which of the above two you like better depends on what you were taking a picture of.  If you were, for example, taking a picture of the couch (say you were going to use it as an illustration of that particular kind of couch in a book about home design) neither of them would be a winner.  You would probably need to put the camera in Av mode and use exposure compensation to overexpose it so the windows would be overexposed and the couch correctly exposed, or use fill-in flash to light the couch.  Both solutions require you learn about exposure and also learn how to use the camera.

You will have to learn the same things with whatever camera you buy. No camera ever made takes consistently good pictures if you do not know what you are doing.  Don't expect that it is going to happen quickly.  I was a moderately good available light film photographer when I went digital last year-- and believe me I'm not much more than an advanced beginner with the DSLR even six months later.  And that's after starting out with a good basic understanding of the dynamics of exposure. Read, watch videos (the Cambridge Color series is well thought of, and you can search YouTube for tutorials for your specific camera) and take a lot of pictures, carefully reviewing your EXIF data to see the effects of the different settings on your images.  What is in focus?  What is lit correctly? Where does you eye go?  Is it a picture of the subject you intended?

Oh, and you need Av mode to directly control your aperture, which in turn controls depth of field.  This is a huge concern for most people, and Av mode (aperture priority automation) was (I believe) the first auto mode to be invented, or at least the first one I remember seeing.  I leave my camera in Av most of the time, and I know I am not alone in that.

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