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Re: The third image

Guy Parsons wrote:

lnikj wrote:

Not sure about the third one though. Still doesn't look right to me.

Nevertheless, I asked what I was doing wrong, and I guess the answer is "unreasonable expectations'.

Looks a bit odd to me at the focus point, like I used to get with my old E-PL1 with IBIS on as that camera IBIS gave a tiny amount of blur at safe shutter speeds, sharper with IBIS off - if the shutter speed was good.

But meanwhile, mostly it's a depth of field issue where you would need to be in alleged diffraction territory to get a better result.

For scenery I use the Merklinger method where I focus on the most distant bit of interest and use an aperture to suit what I want to resolve in the foreground, definitely better distance detail that way. For that third shot I would focus on the distant shore rocks and use f/8 or even f/11. Worth a try next time in that sort of situation.

Also experiment with using 1/8 second anti-shock delay as it may help avoid the dreaded legendary shutter shock, I leave my cameras at 1/8 sec delay just in case, never seen problems before or after though.

It also helps to never pixel peep past 50% as 100% viewing is totally unrealistic.

Regards..... Guy

I've switched on the anti shock delay so I'll give that a try.

As you guessed I was focusing at my rough estimate of the Hyperfocal distance. I will try the alternative next time.

I'm afraid that I am pixelpeeper (it brings me joy with my Foveons, but not with my Bayers.)

Cheers for the advice.

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