What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

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Re: Smoother, more natural, richer, better tonality

PerL wrote:

Robin Wong is employed or at least paid by Olympus, CNET are not professionals. But anyway, my argument was that you don't see people who uses APS-C and FF in the same system, which is possible if you have a Canon/Nikon and lately Sony, claiming that there is no difference vs APS-C and FF.

Lets do an experiment. Lets say the fastest FF lens is the 85 F1.2. Slap it on the 5DIII. Now lets say there is a 22mp apsc camera that is exactly one stop worse in IQ, in otherwords, when you stop ISO down one stop on the apsc camera, the DXO charts test them even for noise/DR/tone/color. Now, give that apsc camera the AF system found in the 1DX, and the metering system, give it a larger grip and a battery that lasts for 3000 shots. Give it the same OVF, and all the ergonomic and button benefits the 1DX has. Now, give that apsc body a 57mm (85.5mm equiv), F0.9 lens.

Only judging with the two cameras and their above lenses attached, are they equal? Yes, they are. Now before you shout about no camera existing, you are right, but not because it can't, they just haven't made it yet. Like i said earlier, pros tend to run towards bigger sensors, so brands tend to throw the best features into those. It has nothing to do though with the innate limitations of sensor size, any sensor can be slapped into anybody. If the above APSC camera was announced tomorrow, several people in this forum would have their foot in their mouth.

With the miniaturization of it all, it's only a matter of time before somebody starts throwing real pro features into smaller sensor cameras. Sony and Olympus are trying hard with the A6k and EM1. When it all converges but with a smaller sensor, you will pros flock by the thousands, along with people like me. Not that they will ditch their FF cameras, but it would still prove a point.

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