What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

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Re: What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

Ontario Gone wrote:

PerL wrote:

Have you owned a FF and being able to compare yourself?

Im a very well known techie, im a gearhead, look through my history. I have researched the GEAR for years, if you have information that i do not please share it. If you have a reason to believe that a pixel from the D800, one pixel, is superior to one pixel from a D7000 please share. If not you are just arguing for the sake of it. Modern sensors are all from the same batch dude, some just have more area than others. They match the lenses to the sensors, adjust gain and F stops to work SS even between formats.

Like i said if you have a link or something showing how one pixel is different from another im sure we would all love to see it. I have never owned a Nikon 1 series camera but im pretty sure it follows the same linear path that i already explained. Plus, there are slews of samples from every format all over the internet, why would i need my own samples to come to an intelligent conclusion?

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Well , check this. Here are first samples from a 12 mp super zoom - whole image and then a crop.


12 mp image from FF (Nikon D3s), whole image and crop:


There is certainly a difference in the quality of the pixels. In fact, I guess you would never have known that the image above was a crop unless I mentioned it, because the FF sensor has such reserves and "meat" that the tonality is pretty good despite the heavy crop.

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