Lens recommendation: is 23mm a must-have?

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Re: No lens is must have; how do you shoot street?

Thank you! That's exactly what I am thinking about doing (looking through LR's metadata). Alas, I do love to travel but money and time is limited

Ednaz wrote:

No lens is a must have, and once I came to that conclusion, I had more money for going interesting places to use my cameras. I looked at my focal length choices in Lightroom several years ago (Nikon full frame and m4/3), what focal lengths I shot most for two or three different types of shooting. I found a huge hole in my focal length choices - most shooting 14mm to 35mm; then it was 85mm to 200mm, but if not under 100mm, it was straight to 200mm. I had a lot of 70mm but in most cases I didn't have quite enough reach but had a 24-70 zoom on. Most of my street shooting was 24mm or 35mm. What that told me was, really good 24, 35, and 85mm fast primes would get used a lot. It pushed me to get a 16-35 zoom (even though I shoot a ton at 14mm in all kinds of situations, shooting events I was mostly 18mm to 35mm, so the 14-24 zoom I love would have me changing lenses a lot when I shoot an event gig.)

It's a very useful process - when I decided to get into Fuji, I knew what lenses to get that would get lots of work, and which I'd probably never use. I don't have any long telephoto zooms. The 18-55 made sense, but so did the 18mm f2, the 14mm 2.8. I own the 35mm, mostly because at the time the zoom wasn't out, and it was the fastest lens they had, but now that I have the 23mm, once I get the 56mm, the 35mm will be for sale.

So, look at your street shots. Do you usually shoot long focal lengths, or do you get in close and personal? I can shoot street for weeks with a 24mm and 35mm. Lots more people never like to shoot shorter than 50mm.

For other than street shooting, the 23mm prime won't make much difference one way or the other, so spend the money going to shoot someplace you love. Great locations produce more great pictures than big lens collections.

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