What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

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Re: Smoother, more natural, richer, better tonality

Ontario Gone wrote:

PerL wrote:

...that is what you hear from Nikon and Canon people upgrading from APS-C to FF. From those who has no upgrade path (m43, Pentax, Fuji, Samsung etc) you will here that there is no difference.

I believe it is a combination of many things that gives a different look.

My experience, besides my own, is that the photos I see from professionals in my job as magazine producer usually are FF and in general looks better than those from the few who uses smaller formats.

You are confusing correlation with causation, happens a lot don't worry. Here's the context to remember. People who NEED FF advantages, not the ones from the sensor, but the other ones like huge battery life, superb weather sealing, world class AF, they buy FF. Those who insist on having the best in the world are more likely to be skilled. There is likely a greater percentage of high skill shooters who go for FF rather than smaller sensors, and those skills are what often bring the better photos.

The technical aspects of the sensor are no different, other than the x stops difference i posted above. Most beginners are not going to buy a $7,000 camera, but pros will. Most beginners won't buy a $10,000 zoom but pros will. It's the advantages of the gear that are not sensor related that attract pros, and all that combined with high level skill often results in these amazing photos. Will a stop or two of ISO make or break a shot? Maybe sometimes, but getting AF spot on or metering perfectly can be a big issue.

Sensor size mistakenly gets all the attention, when it should be about camera features and lenses. That plus the skill of the shooter of course.

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Going from the smallest sensors through to the largest you get better colour depth as the size increases, that's clear to see in images and shown in colour depth scores in DXOmark, it's not a figment of anyone's imagination.

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