What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

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Re: Smoother, more natural, richer, better tonality

PerL wrote:

...that is what you hear from Nikon and Canon people upgrading from APS-C to FF. From those who has no upgrade path (m43, Pentax, Fuji, Samsung etc) you will here that there is no difference.

It's no surprise that everyone is biased toward their own favorite equipment, but how much of a difference is there when you remove that crutch?



My experience, besides my own, is that the photos I see from professionals in my job as magazine producer usually are FF and in general looks better than those from the few who uses smaller formats.

I'm curious, as a magazine producer, you're probably familiar with the extensive PS retouching that goes into images prepped for magazines.  Do you agree with me that the Shumilova images posted as exemplars by the OP show obvious postprocessing in Photoshop (or similar tool)?

Final question: what does "more natural, richer, better tonality" mean when looking at significantly downsized jpegs posted on websites in the sRGB color space utilizing (mostly) 8 bit monitors?

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