One of these must go: D600 or D800. Which one?

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An odd post


My Nikon Kit:




85 1.4

24-70 2.8

50 1.4

flash etc. and other bits.

I'm shooting mostly Fuji now but keeping one of the Nikon's. with a 58 1.4 and a 35 1.4

Fuji X-T1, 56 1.2, 18-55, X100s (35 & 28 Equiv f2), Flash & etc.

My question is this: Which one do I sell? D800 or D600?

I like both cameras, but can't make up my mind between the advantages which each present.

D800 - 1/8000th Shutter speed, 5:4 Crop mode (I use this all the time), Can get a nicer Eye cup. Resolution (See below!)

D600 - Smaller files sizes, Only 1/4000th (ouch), No Crop Mode, U1 & U2 Modes, Quiet(er) shutter. Better Colour wb?

What would you do? I can't keep both of them.


p.s - Please; this is not a discussion about whether I should or shouldn't choose to shoot with Fuji or whether that is a better or worse choice! I've been shooting Nikon for since the beginning, and I will continue to do so, but the Fuji X system offers a better all round solution for me and the way I work.

Surely you must have a personal preference?

Don't you know that your needs are? Why do you even have both in the first place?

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