Reason for slow flash sync speed

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Re: Reason for slow flash sync speed

Schwaeble wrote:

I think I understand what you are saying, but, well, 1/160 s these days seems a pretty lowly sync speed (available in the least expensive Nex camera) and could be improved with the shutter and presumably this would be easier (cheaper) to do in APS-C than in FF.

But that and the reasons why Sony may choose to not do so aside, isn't the trick to really high sync speeds (north of 1/500s) to flash multiple short bursts with a dedicated flash that each light the traveling shutter slit (at high speed) and that in their accumulation give the effect of correctly exposing the full sensor with a really high shutter speed and flash? So, maybe there are real or marketing reasons to not upgrade the shutter. But, what in this day and age is the reason that an electronic marvel like an a6000 which seems to have a seemingly real system flash hotshoe won't be offered with such capability at least in conjunction with a very pricey dedicated flash unit?

Or is there such capability?

After all, for people who really do not care to carry FF lenses and cameras anymore the a6000 seems positioned as the flagship system camera that Sony will be offering.

Sorry, but it is kind of hard to follow your post.  I hope the below info helps.

I am sure that the Sony / Minolta flashes that support HSS will sync up to the max shutter speed of 1/4000 sec.

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