totally new approach for EM1 Lightroom preset

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totally new approach for EM1 Lightroom preset

I think this is the best preset I ever made for an Olympus camera.

By accidence I managed to construct a reversed tone curve (with extreme slider positions), which even holds on severely under- and overexposed and high iso images. It really is an all purpose linear preset, aimed as a good starting point for pp.

Exposure: 0.87
Contrast: -25
Highlights: -35
Shadows: 0
Whites: -10
Blacks: 40
Clarity: 0
Vibrance: 5
Saturation: 6
Sliders in tone curve:
border between shadows and darks: 10
border between darks and lights: 20
border between lights and highlights: 90
Hightlights: 20
Lights: -75
Darks: -70
Shadows: 20
Point curve: Linear
Red hue: -60
Red saturation: -10
Red luminance: 1
Orange hue: -14
Orange saturation: -10
Orange luminance: 3
Yellow hue: 4
Yellow saturation: 3
Yellow luminance 7
Green hue: 6
Green saturation: 24
Green luminance: 4
Aqua hue: -30
Aqua saturation: 0
Aqua luminance: 10
Blue hue: 3
Blue saturation: 1
Blue luminance: 10
Purple hue: 6
Purple saturation: 25
Purple luminance: 10
Magenta hue: -28
Magenta saturation: 28
Magenta luminance: 17
amount: 70
radius: 1.0
detail: 25
masking: 20
Camera Calibration:
process: 2012 (Current)
profile: Adobe Standard
Red primary:
hue: 30
saturation: -30
Green primary:
hue: 20
saturation: -20
Blue primary:
hue: -5
saturation: 1

When interested you can also mail me for the lrtemplate ( or ). Don't hesitate to give feedback.

Best regards, Erik

Olympus E-M1
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