First week with Canon Pixma Pro-1

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Re: Erik

This is really an usefull thread !

I curently use several large format Canon printers (IPF8300s, 2x IPF815). My first printer, now defected IPF6100 had very good printing results using "printer manages colors" (OEM inkset). I guess Canon made a Pixma printer to match the larger siblings. The only big problem with these printers is the fact that all the printheads failed after no more than 3L of ink. It didn't matter if I used OEM or non-OEM inks.

The question is this: does anyone have an ideea how long the printhead will last ? haw much will the replacemnt cost ? The lack of non-OEM solutions for the PRO-1is the real dealbreaker for me.

I am curently looking to buy the Epson R2000, mostly for light production on semi-gloss/glossy media.

What vendor has the best GO or inks for R2000 ? Is the GO worth having when compared to 3880 ?

How does this printers speed and gamut compare to the 3880 or the PRO-1 ?

P.S. I used the Datacolor Spyder Print for printer calibration and was never satisfied. After I used the i1Pro2 my prints were PERFECT ! If you can aford it, it is an upgrade worth having. Despite the allways crashing i1 software, it is the best money I ever spent !

Thank you !


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