RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

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Re: RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

Here's a fairly extreme example of highlight and shadow recovery from a RAW shot.

I was on a railway-oriented vacation in Sri Lanka, and for some reason, this A-mode shot was under-exposed -- I'd been taking a series as the train approached rapidly, and while the earlier shots were fine, the last few exposures came out too dark (shutter speed too high). For obvious reasons, it's not a repeatable shot, and nor could you use HDR for this sort of fast moving image. I was obviously concentrating on panning to follow the loco, as well as zooming out, and the last thing I was looking at was the exposure. I wouldn't want to use RAW+JPEG as that limits what fits in the buffer.

First, here's the JPEG embedded in the RAW image. It's dramatic and "moody", but doesn't show very much detail:

And here's what it looked like after processing the RAW:

Full size image processed from RAW file using DxO

Now one could say that my it's mistake to have under-exposed the original, and I agree, but there's not much I can do about that apart from getting the most out of it through post-processing.

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