F8 25mm body cap lens please

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n3eg wrote:

I just use my 24mm Pentax Auto 110 f/2.8 lens with an adapter.

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It ain't easy being me, but someone's gotta do it.

The problem with the P110 24mm lens on m43 is that the corners are such utter crap and the center so perfectly good... at least that's what bugs me. If I could treat it as a toy lens it might be fun, but it's not a toy lens, it's a really good lens that performs badly on m43 in the corners.

Here's a set I took with mine (look at the corners! mush even at this little size!):


PS And this is with the lens "stopped down" to f5.6! The corners are even worse when shot wide open!

For example, look at the gravel in the corners of this shot:

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