Are ALL manual focus primes soft on XTrans cameras?

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Re: Never had a problem with my adapters

mistermejia wrote:

Al Valentino wrote:

mistermejia wrote:

nick_webster wrote:

I've got more than I care to count for m43s, NEX and now Fuji. I have about 4 for each system in Nikon, OM, Contax and Canon FD and none of them have given me cause for concern - and they were all just cheap Chinese ones.

Of course it may be that your adapter is wrong but even if it is a little wrong I would have thought that you could achieve proper focus somewhere from near to infinity.

Have you done a proper tripod test ? Used full 10x magnification ? I've tried the focus peaking and for me it gave me false positives - could that be a cause of the softness you're seeing ?


Get a tripod??? Why do i have to do all that if my lens works perfectly fine and is darn sharp even at 1.4 on a nikon body and my S5 Pro?

Is it logicalthat my Rokinon is sharp wide open on both those bodies because the lens just happens to be a Nikon mount lens??

but i guess is folks are saying that all of lenses behave like that, then there is no point in getting a manual focus then, makes no sense, so i will have to go with the fuji 35 1.4, although i don't even like that focal range. I would definitely prefer the 23mm.

Why in the world are you considering a lens with a focal length you "don't even like"?

I know, is stupid, but i have no choice, i'll just have to move back more. I don't have deep pockets like some here to get the 23mm. Like i have said, fuji should provide lower priced 1.8 lenses for the poor :-

They did, it is the 27mm for $200 on sale. Lenses for the poor are often cheap lenses. Fuji makes good glass and good glass costs. If the Leica guys complain they probably settle for a fuji. Actually,that is what. I did.

Buying what you do not need is nit a way to save money since in the end you will get it right and it will cost more by spending on the wrong tools

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