Are ALL manual focus primes soft on XTrans cameras?

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Re: I have to disagree with you.

mistermejia wrote:

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mistermejia wrote:

Not too long ago i posted some photos asking why my Rokinon 85mm was so darn soft and unsharp on my XE1, what a disappointment!

Some folks have posted photos with a Voiglander 35 1.4, the Nikkor 50 Ais 1.2, and some other ones. Do all older wide aperture manual focus primes give you that very "soft" output, just as i have seen with my own Rokinon 85mm??

Is there a prime out there that gives you sharp photos at the wider aperture? I've just discovered that this is a "normal" behavior when using primes like this in a Xtrans camera, because i sure didn't experience this with my former D7000 when i was getting very very sharp images with my 85mm. Maybe the problem is the adapters on the fuji themselves?

Any help here? I guess i might as well just get the fuji 35 1.4.

I have shot with everything attached to my X-PRO1, from Contax, Leica, Nikon, Canon, Voightlander etc. All of the pre-aspherical lenses are soft wide open. ALL OF THEM WITH AN APERTURE LARGER THAN f2.8. But once you start shooting with the aspherical lenses that disappears to a large extent.

Most of them are soft from CA's. Most of them dramatically improve by f2-2.8.

Canon FD 50mm @ f2.0

Canon FD 50mm @ f1.2

Like i told Nick above, why is it that my manual focus rokinon is damn sharp at 1.4 on a nikon body AND on my S5 Pro? But on the XE1 is soft as hell. I don't think is the lenses themselves, so it has to be the distance of the adapters.

Am I crazy??


If your Rokinon is a modern lens with a modern design, then I would say that adapter is definitely your problem.

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