Lens recommendation: is 23mm a must-have?

Started Mar 13, 2014 | Questions thread
Ray Sachs
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NOTHING is necessary, but it's a fantastic lens...

If it's not a focal length you particularly like or need, of course it's not necessary. Lot's of people buy really nice DSLRs and never take the kit zoom lens off of it and there's nothing wrong with that if they're getting what they need/want from the kit lens.

If you feel you have any need or desire for a prime at that focal length, I can tell you that the 23 is possibly the best lens Fuji has made for this system yet - this is coming from someone who hasn't tried the 56mm yet. The 14 is great, the 35 is great, the 60 is really nice despite not being all that fast (either aperture or AF). But there's a clarity and transparency to the way the 23 renders that strikes me as a step or two better than those others. The 56 looks every bit as good from preliminary samples, but I've yet to shoot with one. 35mm is not my favorite focal length and I WISH they'd release a 16 or 18mm with that kind of optical quality and the manual focus clutch ring like they've done with the 14 and 23. But they haven't and so I find every opportunity to use the 23, even when it's not quite the perfect focal length.

So, your call. If it doesn't fit into your shooting, the quality of the lens is meaningless. But if it does, the quality makes it a really compelling option and a something to consider. But only you can answer that question...


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