Still no news of the X-T1 in Canada?

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Re: X-T1 in Canada

WCguy wrote:

Londongal wrote:

Happy to say I picked up my X-T1 yesterday! I love, love, love it!!!

Pre-ordered early morning on the day it was announced.

Got the free grip, probably will sell it, as I have not used a battery grip on any of my digital cameras. Did use the motor drive (6 x "AA" batteries) on my Contax RTS, but - for me - bygone are the days of wanting a grip.

So far, the most pleasant surprise with the X-T1 is the way it feels in the hand. Heavier than I thought it would feel (coming from X-E1) and perfectly proportioned. It is beautiful!!! And, yes, at some point I will check for light leaks, but not right away...I know Fuji will step up if warranty work is needed and I want to experience the joy of my new camera before I start to investigate the other stuff.

What a beauty!!! Thanks Fuji!!!

Good job and happy shooting. Where did you get it from, mine is on order from Camera Canada and they said they had over 60 cameras ordered when I ordered. WC

Thanks!!!  Got it from Broadway Cameras. They are stellar, are my fav bricks and mortar store.  I don't know where I was on the list, but pretty high up I would imagine - based on the time I ordered.


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