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Re: They had me and then.....

Daniel Bliss wrote:

I was willing to forgive the stupid battery choice, and then . . . MicroSD?? Still nothing about CLS flash support?

I'll pass.

Also it's too expensive. Not double, as some people have said, but $200 to $300. Do remember that the grip and external viewfinder are at least included, and that kit lens combination is really only the second one in mirrorless after the diminutive Panasonic to qualify as pocketable. Now, the Panasonic is less than $700. Nikon smokes it on AF

Only in tracking af is very fast in other cases.

and video

Your an idiot gm1 spits out great video quality like all Panasonic's. And then the kit lens Of the one won't take an ND filter. So good luck dropping your shutter speed to 1/60th outdoors.

Last but not least the micro SD cards. You will always lose them when switching and most are bloody slow.

and includes the grip

Wow a grip ok

and viewfinder

Good point just buy the gx7 then at 900 with kitlens. Or the Fuji's obviously.

but the sensor size and lens selection are a major disadvantage even if the sensor itself is competitive with MFT on noise,

It won't be no way Aptina can pull that off with this sensor size and 18mp.

so that's how I calculate $900 to $1000 or so

No 600-700 tops. And even at those prices it would be a tough sell. The xe-1 is better for 750 these days. And that's with an proper kit lens that actually takes filters.

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