Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

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Re: Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

JeffGo wrote:

My question on the battery grip was not about battery life, it was about balance of the camera. Even on my Canon DSLRs (all of them), I used a battery grip to get better balance with the 1 pound+ lenses.

I see. I also read that it helps in vibration dampening, similar to if you add a mass at the bottom of A7R that I read someone did such test. Yes it will help to get a better balance with a bigger/heavier lens such as 70-200/4.0 OSS. Although I am reluctant to get a battery grip as it defeats the purpose of small/light body in travelling but I guess I have to accept if it dramatically improves or largely avoid shutter vibration with a tele lens hand-held. I will wait to hear owners' opinion of 70-200/4.0 OSS first especially from A7R owners to use the lens hand-held. I am even considering to get an A7 when its price falls significantly to complement to A7R in travelling, then I will leave 5D3 at home. Another option is to wait 6D II (and hope it can be further smaller/lighter than 6D with similar design of SL1/100D.  In anther word, a FF SL1/100D) and hope it has a much improved sensor. Then 6DII or A7 for hand-held while A7R on tripod and they complement and backup each others in trips.  Shutter vibration is not an issue on tripod in evening when shutter is at 1/6 sec or slower, and I turned off 'IS' on 70-200L/4.0 IS anyway.

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