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There are some tricks for the old dog...

tt321 wrote:

Not all cameras seem to have the facility of resetting lens focus to infinity? I must admit I have not seen or investigated this possibility with my G3.

I just tried with my GX1/20mm. Regardless of where focus is set before I turn it off, when I turn it back on the focus is at infinity. I think the main reason for this, is that the moving element retracts at infinity, and extends as focus distance decreases.

I would actually prefer the camera turn off without changing focus distance, I'm usually shooting closer than further. But probably the current way is best for impact protection anyway. This behavior may very well be programmed in the firmware of the lens, rather than the body.

Actually, reading all these posts has helped me understand the 20m better. When you turn the camera on, just first AF somewhere that is similar in distance to your subject (the ground, your subject's feet, whatever.) If you just start doing it instinctively right after powering on, it will probably help your shooting and generally is not hard to do.

Then when you want to take a shot, the fastest way to capture is to point at your subject and do a full-press to eliminate the human delay of waiting for the green box, then pushing the shutter button all the way. I don't get a lot of hunting on the GX1, when shooting lower-light candids I subjectively recall I got more hunting on the E-PM2 but can't say for sure.

If you miss the subject and the camera starts focusing on a distant background, let go of the shutter. Don't wait for it to rack focus to infinity, it will only slow you down.

I think little things like that can significantly improve the experience of shooting with the 20mm. It still won't be operationally as fast as other lenses, but should help as other aspects of this lens are very good. I also happen to like the 40mm-equiv. focal distance very much, especially when paired with say the 45mm as a compact 2-lens kit. 40mm is an interesting sweet spot between 35mm and 50mm.

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